Cross Pollination

What happens when a theater artist a photographer and a magda and chelsea get in a room together? That is what we found out during our week long collaboration cross discipline process experiment lead by Adrienne Mackey. We worked with Photographer Jaime Alvarez and took some shame portraits, choreographed a solo on a photographer, and invented an improv score where the voice leads to the body to the camera back to the voice. We invited our imps into the room and played around. Here are some of the final pictures:


Molecular Continuity Diagram

The premier was at a benefit for a dance company which we have never performed with.  We were the Brecht to the burlesque of the other acts. A dry, meditative take on TEDTalks, especially this one



Animina is a soundwalk created by Mike Kiley of The Mural and The Mint. Meaning “little soul,” Animina takes the listener from the corner of 2nd and Race Streets to the end of the Race Street Pier and back again. Check out the app HERE.






Hall of Haunts

We decided to enter from the closet, which was a mistake­ and the greatest creative constraint we ever didn't intend.
While stuck in the closet we invented:

  • “Where's Nundo?”  an alternative to Waldo
  • chortle voice analysis
  • the bunny yawn
  • the meta closet skit
  • audience participatory swimming devices


Collage Festival

Went without plan of what to do.  4X4 foot performance area.  Drank wine.  All our friends came and we sat and drank together instead of performing.




Debbie's Wedding

Was this a performance?  We had costumes.  We had roles.  We got paid.  Other people thought we were weirdos.  So yeah.



Nobody's Home Advisors 


your friend asks you both to come help him make a serious, moving turtle hatching dance to this song: “Nobody Can Live Forever” by Tim Maia...what do you do?