Solo performances that flip between insanity and insight. Some moments may be completely unintelligible, others contain pointed observation, and the third option: both simultaneously. Each solo exists in a unique reality, and the characters inhabited are personally derived. There is some singing, dancing and nudity. Not really appropriate for children.

Performed during the 2014 Solow Fest in Philadelphia

"Good evening, Philadelphia. I love you.  As many of you may not be aware, I have been teaching workshops on self-love for the past five years.  And I want to grow like a developing breast: so fast it leaves stretch marks.  That’s how excited I am for the development of my mind, and my love. " 

The twitching movement, my body on the edge of sanity but also in complete control. The explosion out of the twitching trap into full and ever changing somewhat “psychotic” movement. A Final release out of myself. Thank God my body and mind felt like saying. Thank God audience here I am. I am here to look at you and enjoy with you and make you laugh finally. Were you waiting for this the whole time? I was too. Its ok I am here now I am here and now I am. Gone. I am also gone now. Sorry. Was that disappointing? Its also real. Its also real and you know that it is real. You all know this heavy huge disappointment and absence and loss of someone you loved to something bigger and uglier than anything on the planet. And here I am bringing to you delivering to your lap that larger than life sense of disappointment. I am sorry. But I am also bringing to you my life. Your life. Our lives. Remember? Remember? You are here also. You are not gone right now. Does my absence make you remember your presence? Can you feel yourself as you see me unable to catch my own body? You grasp yourself and hold your breath and remember a time when and how whatever you, that was you, know at least you are not there right now.


*Videos available upon request