Singer/Songwriter Inspirational Video Archive

Patti Smith interview in which she half takes off her jacket while she rambles confidently.  A man’s hand appears ready and waiting to take her jacket but she never gives it to him.  She looks at her tshirt as if she didn’t remember what she was wearing.  We talked a lot about the touching of self and clothing and contact between “band mates” as a result of this beautifully odd moment. 

Eartha Kitt: the baddest ass on the planet.  Not willing to compromise he he he.  “If a man comes into your life and wants you to compromise…” She laughs maniacally and says “Stupid, you must think about that one again.”

Bjork in a tiny tiny voice talking about her personal bizarre interpretation of the inside of a television.

Nanci Griffith’s banters in tiny voice, yet sings with a fierce voice. When I was little my mom would play her CDs in the house and I never forgot the shocking disconnect between the speaking and singing voice after this.

Sinead O’Connor interview: she eats on set while talking about the stigma of mental illness.  She is hard as nails.

Dolly Parton interview on Oprah.  Dolly was an inspiration for Chelsea’s costuming.  For the combination of sexy and smart where you don’t know which quality is winning, if it is a fight between the two.

Joni Mitchell on the Mama Cass show.  The female friend harem.  We wanted this laid back, we are women comfortable with each other and being onstage.

8 Beck as a youth just fucking up the shit out of this interview with Thurston Moore. Goddamn 1994. Lookin good. "Its like surfing in some oil spillage."