I am a dog/man

More and more interested in the meaning that is suggested by movement.  Or the meaning of movement that is an undeniable part of watching performance.  But what is the meaning?  I spent some time trying to articulate what certain habitual movements mean to me:

1)   A walking around the room that means I am a dog/man; pissing and marking my territory.  I am presenting myself as an intelligent, thinking performer.

2)   A groping at the sky that means I am drinking the milk of the universe.

3)   Frenzied gesticulating while jumping that means I am the sky creating fireworks, and I am me making emotional explosions in other peoples lives.

4)   Skipping, light feet with outstretched arms, because I am Jesus on the cross (dancing) or men from a small village who get drunk and let loose once a year.

5)   I’m vibing off you as an audience- throwing you some energy and catching yours.  Energy Frisbee.

6)I’m aware of my body- my breast shaking.  Sometimes I am proud of this shaking breast.  Sometimes I am not proud.