this is what I look like now

Artistically/Thematically I am interested in/ here are the things I will most likely be ranting about to my friends for the next several months:
1.  Grief and dying.  The role of the caregiver in these processes.  The deep reckoning.  The deep loving and radical openness.
2.  The expression of the desire to be loved in a solo in a good way onstage, with a beard on.
3.  Female friendships: women navigating intimacy in private spaces and depictions of that in art.
4.  Some serious songs about women in good power in solitude in love with shit, done waiting for any male music artist to write anything that says anything sophisticated or just not downright stupid about women.  Too bad I’m not really a musician.

I am convinced that I looked like Gertrude Stein as a child.  But although I tried to match these photos visually, I’m actually talking about an energetic resemblance.  Can you feel that?

Gertrude Stein.png