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Chelsea&Magda met in 2012 at the Headlong Performance Institute and have been making work together ever since.  Their duets are talkative and angry.  The genre could be dance/theater but that’s only because it’s an inclusive category that embraces the Tedtalk, stand-up comedy and magical realism.  They began researching shame in performance a year ago and can’t stop.  They are most interested in the shameful parts of personality that intersect with pleasure.  They are most radical about including the “less than ideal” versions of the self onstage. 

Chelsea&Magda created two evening length shows together: The Vulgar Early Works and The Shame Symposium. These pieces were presented by JACK, and FringeARTS. Accolades include the Audience Favorite Award from DanceNOW's Joe's Pub Festival in 2013 and Schoenberg Fellows at The Yard in 2015. In 2016 C&M created a collaborative show with Raja Feath3r Kelly and B.S. Movement called National Intimacy Month that was presented by DanceNow at Joe's Pub. C&M also frequent the CATCH performance series. They taught their Shame Performance Research in the Pedagogies of Dance course at the University of the Arts in 2015 & 2016 and occasionally do other guest teaching. They love love love teaching their research. If you would like them to teach somewhere please ask.  

Their dreams include touring to different communities where they teach their Shame Performance Research, take new Shame Portrait Images of the workshop participants, have the Shame Portrait collection hanging up in a gallery, and perform The Shame Symposium. Their dreams also include doing any number or combination of these elements. 



The Beginning of The Vulgar Early Works
FringeArts February 2016
Singer/Songwriter Excerpt
Joe's Pub 2014
The Shame Symposium
Password: cm
FringeArts June 2016
This is the show in its entirety. 
A Compilation about our teaching work
Password: cm
University of The Arts 2016
Performance Mix Festival 2014